Regular Monitoring Services

Insomnia Security provides a number of regular review services to help ensure the ongoing security of an organisations Internet facing perimeter. Our standard packages are described below however we are also able to provide custom services dependant on your requirements.

Regular External Vulnerability Scans

The automated vulnerability scanning solution provided by Insomnia Security uses two of the world's leading scanning products to help ensure the security of your external facing network devices by providing regular and up to date vulnerability scans.

The scans include checks for thousands of security vulnerabilities and are regularly updated as new vulnerabilities are announced. An optional network mapping component can be included in the package that will review your external network and report on which IP addresses are active and detect any changes in your external facing network.

The results of the scans are analysed by our team, who then provide a separate report covering context, changes over time, and raising issues that should be addressed quickly.

Organisation Focused Reconnaissance

To help organisations remain aware of their Internet footprint, Insomnia Security delivers a service of discovery and open source intelligence gathering to identify what information is available publicly related to an organisations systems, networks, applications and staff members.

This process may include but is not limited to:

  • Querying and reviewing publicly available network information such as DNS, WHOIS and certificate transparency logs to discover externally accessible systems.
  • Passive network reconnaissance of externally accessible systems to fingerprint applications and services used as well as to identify any obvious indications of vulnerabilities.
  • Active network scanning of identified network ranges or systems where this is required.
  • Searches of publicly available information related to the target organisation and the use of OSINT techniques to identify public exposure of information that is sensitive.

The output from this reconnaissance is a report that summarises the reconnaissance activities performed and provides a dossier containing details of the public exposure for the organisation.

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